Briana Bluebell has built a large repertoire of acts over the years and can tailor her many costumes and acts to suit the theming of your event. Please browse through the acts and gallery and let us know if you can't find what you're looking for!

Tres Francais

chic, international, glamorous

Ms Bluebell's latest and greatest creation, this routine pays tribute to everything that France is known for - fashion, love and of course the iconic Eiffel tower.  A stunning evolution of costumes as well as matching songs will take the audience on a journey through France and finish with a finale on the sparkling tower - just as it sparkles night after night in Grand Paris. Perfect for your Bastille Day Celebrations!

*This act can be adapted to suit themes for other international themes with the same colours such as USA, Australia, Russia and UK.

Burning Up

bright, fun, impacting

A stunning, flame themed routine.  Guests are treated to beautiful hand-dyed silk fans that flutter beautifully under the stage lights and a finale of oversized hand-dyed silk Isis wings that can also be lit under black light for a fluorescent effect. 

exotic, sensual, hypnotic

This act invokes intrigue and the creates a hypnotic, almost middle-eastern inspired feel through costume, music and movement. A carefully choreographed routine, the costume is magnetically connected with pieces carefully hidden away to reveal throughout the routine.  Using simple costume effects, the routine is meant to conjure the feeling of desire and envy.  The costume is self-designed and created using hand-dyed silk and lace and is adorned with rhinestones, several jewels finished with a beautiful headpiece all in green tones. An impacting and visually stunning reveal of silk isis wings provides the perfect Finale to this powerful performance. 

Red Costume
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Black and Gold
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Classic Burlesque Blue Costume
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Green Vegas Showgirl
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Black Showgirl
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Top Guns routine
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Pink showgirl costume
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Diamonds Are a Girls best Friend
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